Location-Based Intelligence


How it Works

How It Works

We analyze 100+ data sources, updated daily, hourly

Our data sources include most comprehensive data sets measuring activity and trends of each micro neighborhood. Many of these data sources have just recently become available and offer unprecedented precision and insight.  


Our proprietary algorithms uncover subtle differences and early trend signals in location profiles and commercial real estate market pricing

We predict performance potential of various retail businesses in each location, provide current market pricing for retail real estate in similar areas and estimate the overall real estate price growth potential in each location over the next few years. 


GeoGekko helps small business owners, franchisors, business lenders and real estate professionals get a precise view of a location and its future performance potential

Our platform helps estimate future performance potential for a retail business at any location. Real estate owners can estimate market growth potential and price assets in a few minutes instead of days of market research. Real estate brokers get a list of best tenants for a specific location and an estimate of market pricing for the property. Business lenders get a better understanding of risks and opportunities for a retail borrower. 




Use Cases

GeoGekko, a new generation of intelligence tools, is successfully used by:

Business Owners

GeoGekko helps business owners pick most profitable location for their business in a proposed area.

Real Estate Brokers

GeoGekko helps commercial real estate brokers see what kind of businesses would be most successful at a given location, so that brokers instantly know who they should reach out to. 

Real Estate Investors

GeoGekko helps real estate investors evaluate area growth potential and price assets in minutes instead of days. 

Business Lenders

GeoGekko can provide a lender with an independent overview of a potential borrower location and estimate the performance of similar businesses in this area over the next few years. 


GeoGekko’s innovative technology creates unique opportunities for predictive analytics in the real estate industry.

Laurence Spector, Real Estate Solutions

Utilize new data sources

We utilize innovative big data sources in our predictive analytics algorithms, the new data sources allow to uncover early signals and generate more precise forecasts.

Focus on predictive signals

Our team developed a variety of sophisticated proprietary algorithms focusing on uncovering a predictive insight in the data, not just a static analysis of the status quo. 

Extreme granularity as never before

Our algorithms analyze data about each location and human behavior block by block – this has never been possible before; new data feeds every day. 

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